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by The Rev. Daniel L. Wilfrid Immanuel Lutheran Church, Holden, Massachusetts

apoc_christ_antichristAttempting to write a devotional guide to the complex biblical book of Revelation is a daunting task. There are so many theological images and references in every chapter and verse that it is easy to get bogged down in the details and miss the larger picture being painted by the author -a picture of confidence and hope in Christ’s lordship and of God’s final victory over sin and evil. Perhaps this is why David Farabaugh’s perspective as a layperson and “pew-sitter” is so helpful. Working from the English language texts and following his Lutheran roots in a search for the “plain sense of scripture,” David sees throughout the book a call to repentance and to holding fast in faith to Jesus in times of suffering and persecution. His devotional approach is a refreshing alternative to the many attempts to interpret Revelation as a literal timeline for future events.

David’s is also a prayerful reading of Revelation. Each devotional reflection is followed by a prayer for further insight and guidance into the truth being revealed. This makes the book a conversation in which God speaks to the reader through the words of scripture and the reader responds with praise and petitions. This gives the book its clear devotional feel and focus. It is not a study aimed only at understanding a puzzling biblical book, but a devotional search for deeper faith in and a closer daily walk with the risen and reigning Christ. Whether you read this book in one sitting or in daily portions, that holy rhythm will be unmistakable.

David Farabaugh has read every book he can find on the book of Revelation and has led many Bible studies in congregations on Revelation. This book reflects both what he has learned from those books and also what he has learned from scouring the text together with other lay students of the Bible. The depth of his knowledge of this one biblical book is also matched by the breadth of his experience and commitment to congregational life. He has served his current congregation as President of the Council, Confirmation Guide, Coordinator of our partnership with the Interfaith Hospitality Network, Chair of the Church Health Team and teacher of Adult Christian Education.

Revelation 1:3 says “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of the prophecy, and blessed are those who hear and who keep what is written in it; for the time is near.” David Farabaugh counts himself as one blessed by the words of Revelation and seeks in this book to share that blessing with you so that when you come to the end of your devotional study, you too will say “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

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A Pew-Sitters Devotions in Revelation opens a complicated book, which has been the topic of debate among scholars, to all Christians for use in their faith journey.

If you’ve never used Revelation for your daily devotions because it just seemed to confusing A Pew-Sitters Devotions in Revelation is the book for you.