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I Am Coming Soon

Rev 22:6-21

In these verses John confirms the truth of what he has written and confirms he is the author. His expectation in that Christ will be coming back soon. I recently had a conversation with my sister, and we said we should get together soon. Each of us I’m sure has a very different idea of when that soon will be. An eternal God’s soon can seem like a very long time to a mortal basing soon on his or her own life span. We should not lose heart waiting for God’s soon to arrive. In these verses there is also an angel confirming that only God should be worshiped. That should be a message for all of us who tend to worship athletes, actors, actresses, rich people, money or anything other than God. There are many lessons in this book of prophecy and John does not seal them up, but, in spite of the warning given life will go on pretty much as usual with good people being good and evil people being evil. We can however take heart from the message here that God is in control. Those who wash their robes (in the blood of the lamb) get to enter the city through Jesus, the gate, and eat of the fruit of the tree of life. Be assured, however, Christ is coming in judgment.

Lord you have given us assurance of your return and descriptions of the majesty that awaits those who overcome. Help us stay patient for the day that will come soon. We know that we tend to be in awe of people who have been successful in things of this world. Please help us remember you have a different scale for the measurement of success.

I pray, Lord, that all I have written here is consistent with at least some of the message you want people to take from this wonderful book. I pray that all who read this will be blessed and led to conversations with you.

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