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New Jerusalem

Rev 21:9 to Rev 22:5 - Here the city, the bride of the lamb (all the saved) is described. Here we can see that among the saved will be people from the twelve Jewish tribes (the 12 gates). We can also see gentiles being saved represented by the twelve foundations being built on the names of the 12 Apostles. The size of the city shows that there will be a great number of people living with God in eternity. The construction shows that the saved will be forever safe. There is no need of a temple because God is ever present in this city and no need for light because all that needs to be seen is seen by the light of God. Unlike the Garden of Eden, where evil entered, no evil will ever enter this city. In this existence God will provide every need, and life will be a constant paradise in a relationship with God. We will see God’s face because the sin that has separated us from him is gone.

Won’t it be wonderful to be in a peaceful, loving environment, where we have nothing to fear. The truth is that we have nothing to be fearful of now, if we are right with God. In this world there are people or events that can take the body but not our souls. I’m writing this a day after the inauguration of Donald Trump and am hearing about all kinds of fear and protests about what President Trump may do. I refuse to live in fear! I trust that God has a plan that transcends any action that this president or any other president or world leader may take. Anything that can happen to me, no matter how bad is like getting a splinter when building a house. Sure the splinter hurts but when compared to the luxury of a completed house it’s nothing. The same is true about dying. There may be great pain but it’s nothing compared to living eternally with God in paradise.

Think about Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, etc, all who lived in faith of something that hadn’t happened and something they would not live to see. We on the other hand get to live in the faith of a crucified risen Lord. We can see a good portion of God’s plan complete. Having faith should be much easier for us than it was for them.

Lord, thank you for preparing a place for us of such joy and beauty that it can only be described using the most beautiful symbols available here on earth. We look forward to the day when we can be in your awesome presence for eternity. It brings joy to our lives knowing that there will be no more evil and fear. We will know all we need to know about your eternal plan when we are with you in paradise.

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