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Welcome to Dave's Revelation

This site is dedicated to the book "A Pew Sitters Devotions in Revelation: Guide to Devotions in Revelation" by David Farabaugh and intended to be used for discussion about Revelation.

This book is intended for those of us who aren’t biblical scholars but would like to have some understanding of the book of Revelation and be able to use it in their devotional life. I know that an in-depth study of the original Greek text might give greater insight to some of John’s messages or that an in-depth study of the history of some of the ancient churches discussed in the early chapters could show the historical accuracy. I, however, believe that reading God’s word in the presently available English translations can give us the messages God intends for us as lay individuals today.

bible_imageI once had a person who teaches computer classes tell me that he had an easier time teaching children than adults. He could tell the children to push button A and the result would be X. The children would accept that and be ready to move on to button B and whatever result they got from pushing button B. Adults, however, would ask why X happened when they hit button A and would it happen each time and what if it didn’t happen. I look at Bible study much the same way. Lay people can be content to say the Bible says something and that’s good enough so let’s move on to the next lesson. Scholars want to know about the history or the culture of the time or the original language. Wanting to know all that is fine and I’m glad someone is doing that investigation but I don’t think each lay person needs to be into what I’ll call the engineering details of the text.

I should start by saying that Revelation is apocalyptic literature which in simple lay language means uncovered or revealed. It is filled with symbols and understanding that symbolism will help in understanding the messages. A list of symbols and their meanings as best as I can find is included at the beginning of this book.

Apocalyptic writing has definite characteristics. Our hope for eternal life with God is through endurance. God’s ultimate victory is assured and in the end he will usher in a new age and a new perfect world under his control.

While this is a prophetic book it is not a guided timeline to future events. Prophets of the past were not trying to forecast the future but were trying to get people to repent and change their ways. We should approach Revelation the same way. It is a call to repent and hold fast to Jesus not a glimpse into the future events.

The format I follow is first a section of text then a simple explanation followed by some questions for thought then my prayer. My prayers are simple. I hope they will lead you to prayers and thoughts of your own.

~David Farabaugh